The Foresight Solution

We do performance engineering using a sophisticated Resource Aware Modeling & Simulation (RAMS) methodology to optimize complex embedded systems.  Our turnkey solution is delivered by recognized industry experts that accelerate your design process by producing a custom virtual prototype of your system, based on your requirements.  This executable virtual prototype, the expertise to apply it, and the software technology behind it are seamlessly assembled into a specific solution for your design.  The product of this process is a detailed design specification that you can implement with confidence.  Of course, our consulting teams arePRC148JEM handset image standing by to provide additional model development and analysis after delivery of the initial solution.

While we have particular domain expertise in Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio waveform design, our methodology addresses a broad spectrum of complex, resource constrained embedded systems.

Our Methodology

Foresight's proprietary military grade RAMS environment is a visualization framework that combines an expressive graphical modeling language with an accurate, reality based, representation of your resource platform.  This composite model is executed on a high performance discrete event simulator, which allows both of us to interact with a working virtual prototype of your system.

With this methodology, we analyze your design, explore tradeoffs and ensure that your solution is fully optimized against your constraints, all before committing to a physical implementation.  Anticipating system implementation issues early in the design process allows you to manage complexity, leverage additional flexibility, compress product cycles and minimize execution risk.

As your product cycle progresses, Foresight models are refined into executable specifications that drive system implementation, enable test generation, support further analysis, provide a platform for software development and facilitate team communication.

The RAMS methodology was specifically developed to solve the design problems that present the most demanding requirements for functionality, performance, power consumption and asymmetric multi-processing.

Problems We Address

Foresight's tools are built to meet the challenges encountered in designing complex, resource constrained embedded systems.  Our focus is on wireless communications systems, especially Software Defined Radio.

Of course, the RAMS methodology has been employed successfully across a broad spectrum of industries, including automotive controls, commercial electronics, industrial automation, military / aerospace and wireless communications.  Some specific examples include: semiconductor System-on-a-Chip (SoC), software defined radio (JTRS), avionics, missile flight control, Future Combat Systems, satellite networking, multi-processor synthetic aperture radar systems, and other embedded control applications.

Our Commitment to You

We leave you with a complete solution to your system design challenges.  We don't just provide consulting, and we don't just leave you with a tool.  Our final deliverable is a complete and detailed design specification that you can begin implementing immediately, along with a tool that you can use to for future iterations.