Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation

Foresight's Approach

The Foresight systems engineering environment has featured RAMS capability for more than fifteen years.  This powerful tool represents a key advantage for the Foresight solution over competitive systems modeling environments and has been employed by our customers for a wide variety of systems designs.  A Foresight whitepaper (PDF) gives more information about RAMS and provides additional examples.

Both the behavioral and platform models are built with the tool's powerful, graphical system modeling language.  The modeling language is natural and easy to learn.  This eminently approachable environment enables fast creation of models that can be simulated at any arbitrary level of abstraction.  The combination of easily constructed models and powerful analysis capabilities provides a rapid prototyping approach to modeling and allows designers to receive useful feedback with minimal initial investment.  The models can then be further developed through progressive refinement.

The environment includes a general-purpose parameterization mechanism that enables the creation of highly configurable models.  This mechanism is used to specify the resource mapping (resource name, request amount, and other characteristics) making trade studies very easy to set up and execute.

Foresight's simulation, graphical visualization, and highly customizable data logging capabilities make analysis of the behavioral and composite models straightforward and readily accessible.  Resource utilization can be viewed directly as the model executes.  Customizable data logging allows for detailed information mining and performance analysis.  The Foresight Visualizer tool makes examining resource behavior and contention nearly effortless by graphically displaying all clients of a resource and their state (whether they are waiting or executing) at any point in time.

Foresight's library includes everything necessary for RAMS design and analysis.  An easy to use, general-purpose Process Resource is included.  This Resource flexibly models many different kinds of behaviors, including pools of resources, resources with round-robin, priority-preemptive, and priority-nonpreemptive scheduling.  A general-purpose Quantity Resource, called the Basic Resource, is also included.  The Basic Resource models many kinds of Quantity Resource behavior and provides the caller with both blocking and non-blocking capabilities.  For situations where custom resource behavior is required, the Foresight modeling language supports the necessary building blocks to create arbitrarily complex User Defined Resources.

Foresight's User Defined Resource capability has been used to construct resources that model a broad range of real systems, including:


Foresight’s RAMS provides unprecedented insight and flexibility by giving you a working virtual prototype that allows you to visualize your system in action.  Explicitly separating your system's behavior from its platform enables more effective trade studies and investigation.  These powerful analysis tools allow you to look ahead and optimize implementation decisions during system design, with full awareness of your platform resources.  Foresight's "real world" modeling gives you the ability to fully verify both the functionality and the actual performance of your system before you commit to a hard implementation.  Anticipating system tradeoffs early allows you to manage complexity, provides additional flexibility, compresses product cycles and minimizes execution risk.


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