Who We Are

We're performance engineering experts, with a special focus on Software Defined Radio waveforms.  We deliver executable virtual prototypes of complex embedded systems that allow our clients to fully understand the implications of their implementation decisions.

Our extensive experience designing chips, software and complex systems gives us a true appreciation for the value of interacting with a working virtual prototype.  Our environment allows us to visualize target systems, with complete awareness of both functionality and resource constraints.  This visualization framework produces a detailed design specification from abstract requirements.  These tools help us make good design decisions and tradeoffs early in the process.

The Foresight Systems M&S Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation (RAMS) methodology solves the design problems that present the most demanding requirements for functionality, performance, power consumption and asymmetric multi-processing.

RAMS has been in production use for more than fifteen years and has been key in the deployment of complex systems across a range of applications, including: software defined radio (JTRS), avionics, missile flight control, Future Combat Systems, satellite networking, multi-processor synthetic aperture radar systems, and embedded control applications.

The Foresight Difference

Performance engineering is hard.  We recognize that just another powerful tool is not enough to revolutionize your design cycle.  That's why we offer a turnkey solution.  Our expert service professionals use our industry leading tools to minimize your time from concept to production.  The complete offering includes the custom development of an executable virtual prototype, training, support and a license for our RAMS technology.  Of course, our consulting teams are standing by to provide additional model development and analysis after delivery of the first solution. 

Our Methodology

Foresight's RAMS environment creates a working virtual prototype that fully reflects the operational realities of your system.  We will explore design alternatives, make appropriate tradeoffs, validate interfaces, verify behavior, confirm performance parameters and begin system test development all before committing to a specific physical implementation, and bearing the very real costs.

During analysis, we interact with a composite model formed from mapping functional behavior onto your resource platform.  By capturing design intent at this level, our environment provides a bridge between your system requirements and a detailed design that you can implement with confidence.  Our powerful analysis tools allow your team and our experts to visualize your working system, complete with resource dependencies & constraints and a full set of functional behaviors.

Management Team

Foresight's world-class Management Team has extensive experience in complex systems design, hardware, software and electronic design automation.  We are dedicated to bringing the discipline of performance engineering to everyone designing complex embedded systems.

From concept to deployment via model-driven design with simulation.