Foresight Joins the Cadence System Realization Alliance

By Dean ~ September 17th, 2010. Filed under: Announcements, Industry, Systems Engr..

Cadence recently announced their new System Realization Alliance.  As presented on their site:

The System Realization Alliance is a worldwide network of companies collaborating with Cadence to improve system development processes for mutual customers by:

  • Increasing tool usability and interoperability
  • Defining open methodologies built on industry standards
  • Enabling the creation of reusable system-level design and verification IP
  • Proliferating methodology usage through training
  • Simplifying methodology adoption and assisting customer success through services

Cadence contributes tools, methodologies, and expertise to each collaboration effort, bringing together a comprehensive system development solution with industry-leading technology, IP, training, and service providers. We make the results of these collaborations available in our products, methodologies, and industry activities.

Our humble contribution to the System Realization Alliance centers on creating a seamless integration between our Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation (RAMS) environment and the design flow supported by the Cadence alliance.  We accomplish this through a SystemC interface that supports direct connection between the virtual prototype and the physical realization of the system.

We also collaborate with Cadence, and other System Realization Alliance members, to develop models and services that allow users to achieve the true benefits of high-level system design, while leveraging the industry’s leading physical design tools.

I’m very confident that combining our system-level design and analysis tools and the outstanding Cadence design environment within the context of the System Realization Alliance will significantly improve time to market and reduce design costs for complex products.  This is truly exciting stuff!

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