RAMS Revealed

By Dean ~ December 3rd, 2008. Filed under: Announcements, RAMS.

Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation (RAMS) is the foundation of the Foresight tool suite.  The ability to flexibly model both the platform and the behavior of your system gives you a virtual prototype that supports the full spectrum of design and development tasks.  Interacting with the composite model allows system designers to perform realistic trade studies, analyze system performance and debug problems before committing to a specific implementation.  A Foresight RAMS environment is also invaluable for developing test cases and diagnosing issues with the actual system.  Paul has written an excellent new whitepaper (PDF) that explains the fundamental elements of this powerful concept.

RAMS technology sets Foresight apart from the other modeling and simulation tool vendors.  This paper explains why we’re so excited about our products and the advantages that they provide for systems engineers.  I encourage you to take a look.

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