SoaML Release Planned

By Dean ~ December 16th, 2008. Filed under: Announcements.

Computerworld is reporting that the OMG plans to release their Service-oriented architecture Modeling Language (SoaML) early in 2009.  SoaML is intended to enable the application of model driven design methodologies to SOA design problems.

“It’s an extension of the UML, the Unified Modeling Language, and it contains modeling constructs for things like contracts and service and providers and consumers, all things that you would expect if you were going to do the architectural delivery for a SOA-based project,” said Victor Harrison, a member of the OMG board of directors and director of the distinguished engineering group at Computer Sciences.

SoaML seeks consistency in terms of defining an SOA as well as provision of a consistent modeling framework, Harrison said during an interview at an OMG SOA Consortium meeting in Santa Clara, Calif.”

I was interested to note that IBM, HP and Fujitsu were all listed as submitters (among others) of the SoaML proposal.  Clearly these companies see a benefit to supporting SoaML in their product lineups.  It’s good to see that IBM appears to be taking a standards based approach, rather than trying to force another proprietary modeling language onto the market.

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