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By Dean ~ January 8th, 2009. Filed under: Industry, Modeling.

I was recently introduced to OVPWorld, an effort that appears to be largely driven by Imperas.  I don’t believe that there is any connection to our old friends at OVP (formerly Olympic Venture Partners).  According to the OVPWorld website:

“The focus of OVP is to accelerate the adoption of the new way to develop embedded software – especially for SoC and MPSoC platforms.”

They help design teams address the considerable challenges of multi-processor systems by providing models, and API’s for developing models, that can be combined to build a simulatable virtual representation of a system.  They also have a simulator available for download on their web site.  The best part is, it’s all free!  (Technology donated by Imperas.)

The models were most interesting to me:

“… models are provided as both pre-compiled object code, and as source files. Currently there are processor models of ARM, MIPS, and OpenRisc families. There will be other families in due course. There are also models of many different types of system components including ram, rom, trap, cache, bridge, etc. There are also peripheral models including dma, uart, fifo, etc. There are also models of several different pre-built platforms …”

Open Virtual Platform (OVP) models are developed by writing code that calls a set of ‘C’ based API’s.  As noted above, they have a range of models for popular blocks/processors already developed, and they appear to have good support for creating new models.  The virtual platform approach is very complementary to Foresight’s RAMS environment for complex systems design, although we come at the problem from different points on the abstraction hierarchy.  We are currently looking at the resources available from OVPWorld, and exploring how we can leverage them to provide our customers with an even more complete solution.  Stay tuned…


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