Budget Ax Falls on JTRS GMR

By Dean ~ September 23rd, 2011. Filed under: SDR & SCA.

The technical community clustered around the Joint Tactical Radio System has been very good to us.  This probably explains why my posts so often focus on JTRS topics.  Unfortunately, one component of the program — Ground Mobile Radio (GMR) — has been plagued by delays and failures to meet its mission requirements.  It now appears that the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations is going to drop the ax (or at least slow down the torrent of money that they’re pouring down this seemingly bottomless pit).  This story has shown up several times in recent days, but Defence Professionals had the most succinct coverage:

“… the Ground Mobile Radio (GMR), is undergoing a recertification process following a Nunn-McCurdy breach. If the program is recertified, it will still require additional testing ahead of a Milestone C production decision. Because of these delays, lawmakers have transferred $51.0 million from the program to the Navy’s RDT&E account to support addition testing, while deferring $153.8 million because the funds will not be used in FY12.”

As we discussed previously, this troubled program has experienced a number of “challenges.”  While his comments weren’t directed specifically at GMR, Paul’s keen insight into the issues with JTRS are always well worth reviewing.

I sincerely hate to see any defense funds being wasted, so I’m pleased that there may be some accountability for just plain doing a bad job.  While I’m certainly not gloating, this saga strongly reinforces my contention that a Performance Engineering based approach is the only way to tackle extremely complex highly resource constrained embedded systems.

If you’re a participant in the JTRS program, we really need to talk.  Foresight Systems M&S won’t just dump a bunch of software on you and wish you luck.  We provide a complete model based solution that ensures that your platform / SDR waveforms will meet all program requirements and constraints.  We’ll help you identify issues early, and resolve them well before your part of the program is being considered for “funding deferral” by the Senate Appropriations committee.  Seriously, get in touch with me and let me explain how we can help your project avoid this unfortunate outcome.

Image of the Ground Mobile Radio

Ground Mobile Radio
Image credit: Boeing

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