SDR Fights Fires

By Dean ~ August 11th, 2011. Filed under: SDR & SCA.

While I tend to focus the most attention on the JTRS program, I never lose sight of the tremendous potential for Software Defined Radio (SDR) to bring next generation communications to first responders.  As this article in HSNW clearly shows, SDR’s interoperability across all public safety bands in a single handset is a critical capability for public safety and homeland security agencies.

A fire fighter uses the Thales Liberty LMR

First Responders Rely on the Thales Liberty LMR
Image credit: via HSNW

“Thales’s Multiband Land Mobile Radio (LMR) has successfully completed fire radio testing by the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) Radio Technical Service Center (TSC) test lab and by the National Interagency Fire Center. Having previously received TSC approvals for Law Enforcement and Tiers 1, 2, and 3, the Liberty radio is now fully approved for sale to DOI. The Liberty LMR’s Project 25 Over the-Air-Rekey has also been completed and successfully tested by TSC, adding capabilities for the Law Enforcement Tier. The company says that the Liberty LMR is a software-defined radio solution that enables interoperability across all public safety bands (136-174, 380-520, 700, 800 MHz), linking government agencies and first responders with a single portable radio…

The radio is Mil Spec rugged and submersible to two meters”.

Kudos to Thales Communications, both for their engineering success with the Liberty LMR, and for bringing this crucial capability to those of us who need it most — our first responders.  Great work!

From my, admittedly biased, perspective, SDR is by far the most promising solution to the ever increasing demands that more critical data be made available wherever it’s needed, under the most extreme conditions.  Properly designed SDR systems provide superior reliability, interoperability and efficient spectrum utilization.  At Foresight Systems, we’re proud to be leading the charge towards making this solution a reality.

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