EDA Vendors Talk about ESL

By Dean ~ December 12th, 2008. Filed under: Industry, Systems Engr..

As the EDA companies have struggled, some pundits have suggested that moving up the abstraction hierarchy to Electronic System Level (ESL) design is their path to survival.  While there are a number of business and company culture reasons why this might not happen, I like to keep an eye on their progress and consider how they might play a bigger role in the system design space.  That’s why I decided to spend a bit over an hour listening to a webcast that featured presentations from Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, CoWare (Update:  Now part of Synopsys) and Cadence, describing how their tools could be used to implement an ESL flow.  Each of the presenters also talked about some of the obstacles to the adoption of ESL and the clear benefits of the methodology.  If I took the right message away, the speakers believe that time to market is the primary motivation for their customers to move to ESL methodologies.

h/t to Grant Martin over on Taken for Granted for the tip on this event.  Mr. Martin’s post gives links for each of the speakers, as well as his overview of the discussion.

The webcast was recorded on Tuesday (2008.12.08) and was moderated by John Miklosz, the head honcho at SoC Central.

Your best bet for viewing the recording is probably through the On24 Event Registration page, at least that’s the link that I’ve been passing around to our team.  There’s also a link right from SOCCentral’s homepage that currently takes you to the 0n24 page.

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