Expanded Applications For Foresight?

By gerry ~ March 4th, 2009. Filed under: Systems Engr..

Foresight has successfully been applied as an engineering tool in the development of complex embedded systems that range from systems on chip to advanced avionics, primarily with the mil/aero defense contractors. While there have been many large commercial users, their usage has been similar to that of the defense contractors: complex embedded systems engineering and performance analysis.  For the most part, our application briefs, white papers and models fall into these categories.

Having said this, our belief is that a proven model-based systems engineering tool with strong performance analysis capabilities, could be extended to other domains.   Supply chain management, manufacturing flow and business process are all complex systems and, therefore, lend themselves to Foresight’s Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation (RAMS). For example, the separation of a system’s functionality (e.g. the need to move items from point A to point B, warehouse materials and product, manufacture items, take orders, deliver, etc.) from the resources (trucks, scheduling, manufacturing facilities, people, warehouse space, etc.) Other industry segments with similar attributes and requirements include building architecture, training scenario simulation, environmental impact modeling, and any application that demands the ability to visualize and analyze multiple permutations and effects of a premise, or design, at the lowest risk and cost.

True, there are tools, particularly in logistics, that begin to address these problems but there is a real possibility that Foresight can bring added benefit. Paul, Foresight’s CTO, has done some preliminary work along these lines, particularly the brief on process which can be found http://www.foresightsystems-mands.com/bpm.html along with other papers addressing expanded application of the Foresight tool.

While we know possibilities exist, we are stymied by the fact that we don’t have the depth of knowledge and/or experience in these other application areas. All of which is to say that while we believe there are lucrative market opportunities, we need to find experienced practitioners with similar interests willing to partner, or invest, in the development of viable, marketable solutions.

We would be interested in hearing from any of you from a couple of perspectives. First, any comments or suggestions regarding your usage or consideration of Foresight as an enabling tool in any of these disciplines or any other application areas of interest. Secondly, your comments focused on any interest in extending our application and market reach through partnering efforts to mutually solve specific requirements or market opportunities you may foresee.

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