System Design is “the most challenging problem”

By Dean ~ November 11th, 2008. Filed under: Industry, Observations, Systems Engr..

I apologize for the string of EDA related posts, but I couldn’t resist highlighting Gabe Moretti’s recent comments in EETimes, mainly because I agree with his conclusion.  In particular, Mr. Moretti makes a couple of references to system design as the current “big problem” that requires innovative solutions.

“… limiting ourselves to just solving the problems associated with the design and development of the electronic portion is simply shortsighted when one considers that the most challenging problem is the system design and system integration portion of the development.

Mr. Moretti continues,

“… I think that this is a time to be bold, to realize the inherent limitations in serving just one major category of customers, developers and builders of integrated circuits, and truly embrace the opportunities that a focus on system design offers.”

Just like the dark times when we whispered rumors about engineers working on million gate designs, the challenges of complex multi-tiered system design are daunting.  However, just like before, we’ll use software modeling, simulation, abstraction and innovation to solve these problems.  Gabe Moretti is right, we’re at an inflection point and system design is the next problem that we need to tackle.


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