User Scenario Modeling

By Dean ~ November 18th, 2008. Filed under: Modeling, Systems Engr..

We came across a very interesting column by Michael Daconta, the CTO of Accelerated Information Management LLC.  Mr. Daconta advocates for the use of a methodology that he refers to as User Scenario Modeling.  According to the column,

“A user scenario is a domain-specific, instantiated use case. In turn, a use case is a generic set of steps in which a user performs an action on the system to receive a result.”

This emphasis on models as the backbone of system design is very much in sync with a post, “Why is Model Driven Systems Engineering So Important?,” that Paul recently made on this forum.  We whole heartedly agree with Mr. Daconta’s assertion that,

“… there is only one way to get a detailed understanding of the required functionality: walk through it.”

Well crafted models executing within a flexible simulation environment allow you to “walk through” your system regardless of the domain.


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