What Do You Call Yourself?

By paul ~ November 12th, 2008. Filed under: Systems Engr..

You’re the individual (or part of a team) that interfaces with clients/users/customers to understand customer requirements and from that synthesizes a high level architecture or design for the system.  What do you call yourself?  What does your company call you?  (We’re talking about titles here, not nicknames! :-))

The reason I ask is that I’m a little confused by what I see out there.  I would generally refer to folks who do this as Systems Engineers.  However, I observe that many times the folks with the title Systems Engineer are mostly doing requirements management and verification (at a high level) and not very much design.  (These are legitimate activities for Systems Engineers, I’m just wondering what we call the folks who are doing the “requirements-to-design” stuff.)

So, here’s an informal survey (just comment on this post to participate.)  What title is used for individuals who participate in the requirements analysis process and work to synthesize a high level design for the system (hardware, software, embedded systems, business process, aerospace, IT, whatever)?

What title would you give such an individual?

What title(s) does your company give these individuals?

What title does your company give your team?

What industry is your team serving?

What kinds of tools does your team use for this purpose (if you care to share)?

For fun, what is your favorite dessert?

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