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By paul ~ April 5th, 2006. Filed under: SDR & SCA, Uncategorized.

Hi Folks,

I’m the Chief Engineer and a consultant for Foresight Systems M & S, and I’ve been working with the Foresight tool suite since 1998, first as a developer then in engineering management. For the past two years, I’ve had the privilege of moving from developer to user of Foresight, which has been a great learning experience. I continue to help with Foresight product development part time while working with a team of modelers developing performance models of software defined radio (SDR) systems, both inside and outside the JTRS program.

During the last two years of using Foresight, I’ve had the opportunity to see how various Foresight features can be used in powerful ways. I’ll be using this forum to share some of that experience with you. It’s my hope that as I talk about how we accomplished things on our projects, that you’ll chime in with comments from your experiences. As a result, over time, this forum can become a useful knowledge-base for Foresight users.

Software Defined Radio is a real sweet spot for Foresight. The SCA architecture maps really nicely to the resource-based performance modeling approach that Foresight enables. Over the next several months, I’ll be developing an SCA/SDR example model and discussing the process and application of Foresight along the way. One of the painful realizations that I’ve come to is that, while Foresight is very powerful, it’s not immediately obvious to many people how to use it to get the job done. Hopefully this thread will help with that process as well, forming a kind of BLOG tutorial.

Finally, I want to invite you to ask questions. We, and hopefully other users, will do our best to answer them.

It’s amazing what a resource the web has become, what with the development of extremely powerful search engines and the public posting of very diverse information. This forum is a part of that huge knowledge-base, and I hope it makes a real contribution.

If there are any of you that would like to contribute as authors, please let us know. We’d be happy to have you aboard, helping to spread the word about the best kept secret in systems-level performance modeling!

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