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Foresight Systems M&S does performance engineering using sophisticated Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation (RAMS) methodology to optimize complex embedded systems.  Our turnkey solution is delivered by recognized industry experts.  These teams accelerate your path from concept to production by solving the challenges you face in designing complex, resource constrained, embedded systems.


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Software Defined Radio

Foresight specializes in performance engineering of Software Defined Radios (SDR).  This technology is crucial both for dramatically improving battlefield / first responder tactical communication and optimal use of available commercial RF bandwidth.  Successful SDR implementations require careful selection and assignment of computing resources to waveforms and radio functionality.  Foresight's performance engineering solutions ensure that your product achieves your operational and cost targets.

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Our turnkey solutions are delivered by recognized industry experts that accelerate your design process by producing a custom virtual prototype of your system, based on your requirements.  This executable virtual prototype, the expertise to apply it, and the software technology behind it are seamlessly assembled into a specific solution for your design.  The product of this process is a detailed design specification that you can implement with confidence.


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Brochures and Whitepapers
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  Modeling High Speed Comm.
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Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation

The proprietary military grade RAMS methodology works from system requirements to produce a detailed design specification that can be implemented with confidence.  These powerful analysis tools allow us to look ahead and optimize implementation decisions during system design by interacting with a working virtual model.




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