We are revolutionizing the design of complex embedded systems, especially those implementing Software Defined Radio waveforms.

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We do performance engineering using a sophisticated Resource Aware Modeling & Simulation (RAMS) methodology to optimize complex embedded systems.  Our turnkey solution is delivered by recognized industry experts that accelerate our clients' design process by producing a custom virtual prototype of their system, based on their requirements.

Foresight's tools solve the design problems that present the most demanding requirements for functionality, performance, power consumption and asymmetric multi-processing. These conflicting constraints combine to create complexity that cannot be managed using conventional techniques. Foresight's extensive history with defense / aerospace systems was the primary force in its drive to create this extremely accurate and broadly scalable software that allows designers to fully visualize working systems.

Our complete solution incorporates the efforts of elite software developers, system engineers, domain experts and customer engagement consultants.  If you're among the best in the world in these disciplines, we should talk!

We're Performance Engineering evangelists!


Our team is actively pursuing partnerships with organization and individuals, that want to join us in taking the system design industry to the next level. Specific opportunities include:

System Design Consultants -- We work closely with system design consultants that are excited about using our tools and that are willing to evangelize for Resource Aware Modeling & Simulation with their clients.

Organizations Developing Complex Systems -- We collaborate with organizations engaged in developing complex systems, providing modeling & simulation services and offering system design training.

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