Partners & Affiliates

As a means of mutually expanding business opportunities for companies providing related and complimentary product and service offerings, Foresight is announcing an affiliates program.  The intent is to broaden the exposure and reach of all participants as well as providing a capability to more easily address any development or contractual opportunities through team offerings.  This program will provide mutual technical and marketing support for members' product and service offerings.  Foresight will offer a commission for any closure of leads for Foresight software that are generated and registered by members.

Current affiliates include:

Prime Solutions Group, Inc. — Systems Engineering and integration experts providing value-added contributions to program acquisition, planning, integration, test and deployment of advanced aerospace systems.  PSG specializes in the application of current commercial strategies and methodologies that enhance system acquisitions and introduce cost, technical, and programmatic efficiencies into all aspects of the project life cycle turning good projects into great projects focused on customer needs.  PSG and Foresight have teamed for SBIR proposal submissions.

SavanSys Solutions, LLC — Savansys is a provider of electronics manufacturing supply chain cost modeling, an activity based cost model that enables fabrication and assembly in a virtual prototype of supplier factories.  SavanSys provides solutions for supply chain management, new technology introduction and cost/risk reduction.  SavanSys Solutions is able to apply Foresight Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation (RAMS) to the manufacturing and supply chain management disciplines.

SecureComm — SecureComm solves complex security and communications problems using advanced systems and software engineering processes.  They specialize in cryptologic systems, wireless communications, and embedded platforms. Their engineers have multiple certifications from ISC2 and GIAC.  SecureComm has crafted an in-house systems and software engineering methodology that provides a force-multiplier to their development teams, enabling SecureComm to tackle larger problems with a smaller staff, and provide cost-effective out-sourcing to customers using only US-Citizen engineers.  SecureComm has contributed on multiple software defined radio (SDR) projects, building certified cryptographic equipment applications for protection of Waveform traffic, creating systems specifications for radio Waveforms, and developing software for Internet protocols and radio Waveforms in embedded platforms.  SecureComm has teamed with Foresight to take advantage of our advanced system modeling tool suite and demonstrate to their customers its return-on-investment and its enhancement to the system and software engineering process.

SRB Consulting, Inc. — Specializes in training, consulting and seminars on the Fibre Channel Protocol and Foresight modeling.  Fibre Channel (a gigabit-speed network technology) has quickly become the standard for enterprise-level network storage, and is growing rapidly in the Mil-Aero market as an avionics and weapons systems data bus.  SRB uses Foresight for Fibre Channel system design and performance modeling.

Organizational Affiliations:

The American German Business Club Bonn E.V. — The American German Business Club Bonn E.V. is an organizationAmerican German Business Club logo dedicated to the promotion of American German relations with emphasis on business interests in Germany and German business interests in America.  AGBC acts as a forum for business, science, technology and culture with 10 chapters throughout Germany.  AGBC provides points of contact and networking opportunities for individuals and companies with an interest in finding and developing foreign marketing relationships.  The AGBC would like to provide a conduit to business, technology, science and culture in Germany.


If you have an interest in establishing a partnership, please contact Gerry Allen at  We look forward to hearing from you.