Brochures, White Papers & Technical Information

Information and resources to help explain Foresight's technology and to highlight the significant benefits to be gained from a system-level design flow based on Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation.


Foresight Brochure

A brief corporate overview of Foresight Systems M&S.  (PDF)

Foresight Data Sheet

Information about Foresight's powerful Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation products.  (PDF)

Resource Aware Modeling & Simulation

Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation creates a virtual prototype that allows you to visualize, and interact with, your system in action. This powerful methodology enables you to analyze performance, verify behavior and perform trade studies on architecture very early in your design cycle. This paper explains the fundamental concepts of the technology.  (PDF)  NEW!

Using Foresight:

Case Study:  Mobile Voice Interactive Navigation / Communication Device

A case study exploring the design and development of a prototype for a mobile voice interactive navigation and communication system. Foresight's tools were instrumental in getting the prototype operational to meet an extremely aggressive deadline.  (PDF)

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Combining Foresight and MATLAB for Complex System Design

This paper presents a methodology for combining Foresight and MATLAB™ to create a powerful flexible environment that supports seamless exploration of the system design space. Integration with MATLAB™ allows users to analyze both the behavior and the performance of a system prior to implementation, while providing for verification at all stages of the design process.  (PDF)

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Hardware/Software Co-Modeling for Rapid Design

This paper was presented at the High-Level Electronic System Design Conference, held in October of 1997. The authors describe an approach for modeling integrated hw/sw systems that supports rapid design space exploration. Their method is based on Foresight's flexible and expressive architectural modeling constructs, which enable efficient model development and trade-off analysis.  (PDF)

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High Level System Design

A presentation discussing the application of Foresight's tools to the high level design of a DAQ system. This discussion includes "best practices" for modeling and simulation.  (PDF - Hosted on a remote site, update notes are available here.)

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Networking / Communications & Commercial Systems:

Hardware-Software Co-Design of Digital Imaging using ARM

A case study using Foresight tools to analyze multiple architectural configurations of hardware & software is discussed. The objective is determining the best architecture for a digital image-processing pipeline with JPEG encoding.  (PDF)

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System Design with Foresight: Cellular Phone System

This paper presents a demonstration model and simulation environment for a cellular phone.  (PDF)

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Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) Performance Model

A detailed example of using Foresight models to represent a Fibre Channel design. These models are used to make specific architectural decisions that maximize performance.  (PDF)

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IEEE 1596 SCI simulator

A Foresight based simulation environment was developed as part of the Very High Speed Optical Networks (VHSON) Demonstration Program. The development of the environment, early results and future work to model SCI switches are described in this paper.  (PDF)

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High-Speed Communications Modeling

This paper explores how Foresight's system-level Resource Aware Modeling and Simulation tools can address high-speed communication subsystem design challenges.  (PDF)

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Military / Aerospace:

Designing Affordable Avionics Systems

Foresight's tools address the challenges of avionics designs and modernization programs. This paper shows how the advanced systems modeling and simulation tools allow designers to ensure the correctness of system functionality and to optimize avionics architectures.  (PDF)

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RLV Vehicle Health Management System Modeling and Simulation

Foresight's tools were used to develop a detailed simulation of the Vehicle Health Management (VHM) system on Lockheed Martin's VentureStar Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV). This paper describes how an effective detailed system simulation allowed system and design engineering, as well as program management teams, to accurately and efficiently evaluate system designs, analyze the behavior of current systems, and predict the feasibility of making smooth and cost efficient transitions from older technologies to newer ones. The Foresight based methodology reduced program costs, decreased total program life-cycle time, and ultimately increased the probability of mission success.  (PDF)

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A Performance Modeling and Simulation Approach to Software Defined Radio

In this presentation to the OMG Real-time & Embedded Systems Workshop during July of 2005, Boeing representatives discuss using Foresight tools to model Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems, a key Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program component.  (PDF)

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Performance Modeling and Simulation of the Co-development for Test Waveform and JTR Architecture

In this presentation to the OMG SBC Workshop during September of 2004, a Boeing representative discusses using Foresight to model waveforms and architecture for the Software Defined Radio (SDR) portion of the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program.  (PDF)

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Modeling and Simulation of Processors and Networks for Smart Navy Aircraft Components and Systems

This paper summarizes R&D efforts involving the design, modeling, and simulation of processors, networks, and embedded computer systems for smart aircraft components and systems. Researchers in the HCS Research Lab developed a variety of network and processor models to support the simulation of Smart Navy Aircraft Components/Systems (SNACS) using Foresight tools.  (PDF - Hosted on a remote site)

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Modeling and Simulating Time-Dependent Systems

Researchers at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) use complex systems to study the structure of matter and forces in nature. In this paper, they describe their practical experience gained from using Foresight's tools to model and to simulate time-dependent systems at the specification level. Practical examples are presented, and conclusions based on that experience are drawn.  (PDF)

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